EDUFUTUREADY`s VISION & MISSION :- The vision & mission of developing & designing this online test series is to create a high class & easy to access online digital educational platform where the students from the various aspects of life can reach & get enhanced, advanced knowledge through modern technological tools to compete in their career goals . It has been designed & tested by reputed alumni of I.I.T`s & IIM`s. Being from an educational background and having hands on experience to run schools, We also have a small team of dedicated faculty with vast knowledge in the education field equipped with degrees & also certificate courses in Human Resource Management from I.I.T (Indian Institute of Technology), Kharagpur. With the essence of Education to all in INDIA and the GOVERNMENT also aggressively promoting about online `DIGITAL EDUCATION ` opportunities to LEARN & USE this KNOWLEDGE in day-to-day life and & highlighting that `TECHNOLOGY is now an OPPORTUNITY, not a CHALLENGE` , we strive to make this online educational series reach all the strata of society by providing it to be very affordable so that all can benefit from it. ABOUT Us At EDUFUTUREADY ACADEMY EDUFUTUREADY is a next generation online coaching platform which uses technology and analytics to enhance educational performance of the students by helping them to be FUTURE READY in their career journey`s GROWTH to PROGRESS. We have developed this conceptual test series by collaborating up with a leading Edutech company to create this basic technology based question bank. With the unique expertise of our partners in this educational field, we are fully equipped to meet the various needs of the students & candidates by making a significant difference in their pattern of preparation for examinations & various competitive exams and helping them in their growth of a successful career ahead. This platform helps explore for online practice on questions bank, study notes, strategy & perspective plans, guidance, mentoring etc. It is a stress free & fun filled plug and play series. All questions are accompanied by detailed answers & automated report cards for swift assessment. This test series has been developed to give the students a personalized learning experience, analyzing their performance, to work and improve on their strong & weak points, determining on their all India & state rankings with a detailed check report of their progress, topic wise breakdown, percentile score etc. This EDUFUTUREADY digital platform is a GATEWAY to the Students PROGRESS by helping them attempting this mock test series & improving their skills by continuous self evaluation and practice. As the concept of `PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT` implies, practicing regularly on this platform makes the students achieve their goals and we continuously empower the students by updating regularly on this innovative technology based advanced methods platform. FEATURES of EDUFUTUREADY :- EDUFUTUREADY platform`s interface is powered by most advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) based technology which is the most effective & happening aspect on online education now. This innovative & new system of learning has the potential to create never seen before learning approach and holistic development, creating successful opportunities to the students to polish their career. Anyone irrespective of knowledge & age can easily adapt to this type of creative learning platform. Full support is provided by practicing & clearing their doubts by the solved answers. This learning tool fosters the imagination & curiosity in the minds of the students, helping them explore the various options provided in the answers & making the learning process a fun game to engage with their skills. The students can easily keep track of their overall performance & progress through the information & solutions provided. It allows them to have access on all the details of their subjects which are available 24X7. Through the resources, they have full access to their assignments & rankings. They can check the overall percentages, short comings, which areas they have to work for & how to improve on that aspect. Through this process, they can determine whether their objectives have been fulfilled or not. Regular Daily News & Current Affairs are an added feature on this platform to enhance one`s general knowledge and be updated all the time. For any queries, do mail us on or contact us on +91 7063700890.